Walkabout Bristol

40 Corn St, Avon, Bristol BS1 1HQ

About Walkabout Bristol

What type of music does Walkabout play?

Walkabout prides itself as a 'student HQ' where they host regular student events, with awesome student deals and even better deals for DarkCard holders. They are open every day and night and boast awesome food and drink deals throughout the week.

In the night, Walkabout becomes a superclub and is open Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Friday's, Saturday's and Sundays.

Walkabout plays only the latest and freshest tunes and has a diverse choice of music which appeals to all audiences.

Walkabout has a very large bar area and has one of the quickest serving rates in Bristol.

Can I use my DarkCard at Walkabout?

Yes! Walkabout loves DarkCard and offers members FREE entry every Friday and Saturday, including cheap drink deals which are exclusive to DarkCard members.

Check out a list of all of our upcoming event deals to grab some bargains!

Where is Walkabout?

Walkabout is situated on Corn street.
40 Corn St, Avon, Bristol BS1 1HQ.

DarkCard Deals @ Walkabout Bristol